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AUSA San Diego
AUSA San Diego
AUSA San Diego AUSA San Diego

A leap-ahead weapons sight under development by Army engineers is one step closer to fielding after...
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AUSA San Diego
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    Dean Mallires

    Vice President
    Michael OHara

    Jennifer Werner

    Assistant Webmaster
    Robert Roberson

    Vice President for Retiree/Veterans Affairs
    Teddy Datuin

    Vice President for Reserve Affairs
    Jerry Davenport

    Vice President for NCO/Enlisted Affairs
    Robert Austin USA Retired

    Vice President for Legislative Affairs
    David Yorck

    Vice President for JROTC Affairs
    Patrick McCarthy

    Julio De Guzman

    Vice President for Community Engagement Affairs
    Karolyn Smith

    Vice President for Special Events
    Russell Park

    Vice President for ROTC Affairs
    Daniel Wilson USA LTC Ret.

    Joe Leonard

AUSA San Diego
AUSA San Diego
AUSA San Diego
AUSA San Diego

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